The CraVe Story

Curtis aka Mr. CraVe started Crave Couture in 2010 and thereafter established iCraVe Wear with Junon and their daughter Moira in 2012 as one of the branches of CraVe Couture.
CraVe Couture was created with the purpose of helping those interested in the Arts and Entertainment Industry gain world-wide exposure. Focusing on the unsigned, underrated Independent artists, stylists, designers, models, photographers, videographers, etc., we have dedicated our efforts to not only keeping our viewers informed and entertained through Crave TV6, but to promoting and assisting them in achieving their goals through networking and
With both of us having a love for fashion and backgrounds in technology and fashion marketing; ICraVe Wear gave us the room to expand our brand. ICraVe Wear offers an array of t-shirts and hats that showcase self expression, self-description while promoting positive self-imagery and acknowledgement, while not losing focus on the urban fashion lifestyle. All t-shirts and hats are designed, printed and shipped by us.
To us CraVe Couture means family, growth, and a chance to leave a legacy for our daughter.
As co-parents we teach her to go after her dreams no matter how big or how small. Our motto:
If you own it then they can’t take it. Over the years Crave Couture has expanded with branches such as CraVe Education, Crave TV6, DeZire One, Muchie Redds and many more.
As a family and as a company we give back to the community by holding yearly school supplies collections, clothes and coat drives and providing a percent of our proceeds to helping find a cure for many different horrible diseases or relief efforts in Haiti and many other places in need.
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